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5 Common Roadblocks you will face during getting a Loan!

The rising cost of higher education makes the prospect of attending college seem out of reach for many students. Forget about going to college in another country for a second; just getting into one of the best schools in the country has become a financial challenge. With these obstacles, it can be difficult for students to save enough money for college.

There are many benefits to taking out a student loan, one of which is establishing or improving one's credit rating. Considering all of these positives, it's clear that taking out a student loan is a reasonable and sensible financial decision. This is exactly why you should be aware of these issues with student loans before applying for them to avoid them and have a smooth borrowing experience.

Yes, student loans can help acquire funding for domestic or international studies. However, obtaining a student loan might be more complex than you believe. Although applying for the finest student loan program is simple, accepting your loan can include several challenges. The interest rate on student loans, which is typically relatively high compared to other types of loans, is another crucial factor to consider. 

Let’s look at the list below:

Common Student Loan Problems You Should Be Aware Of

Here are the following significant issues with overseas education loans:


Collateral and guarantees are not required for student loans up to 4 lakhs. However, today's students need more than Rs. 4 lakhs to enroll in the best universities. As a result, many students must take out loans more significant than the federal cap of 4 lakhs. Not all parents or students can meet the requirements that students present a guarantor or put-up collateral in these situations. This is one of the most common problems in loan disbursement. In this case, some students also choose to opt for collateral free education loans for abroad

Lack of Sufficient Loan Funding

Students who apply for college loans frequently express dissatisfaction that the sanctioned amount is either insufficient to satisfy all of their needs or is approved by an insufficient lender. Creditors, on the other hand, are in the right here too. Because of the substantial risk of default associated with providing student loans, financial institutions will typically only approve a loan for the minimum amount necessary under particular conditions.

A property dispute in court

You can get a better interest rate, a larger loan, and more favorable terms if you put up collateral for the loan. However, the lender will not process and accept the pledge if the underlying property is the subject of any dispute in the judiciary court. There must be no question as to who the legal owner of the property is, and that person's name must appear prominently on the property documents. 

Lender fees

Lender fees can add up quickly. Student needs to stay on top of their finances. Thus, it's recommended that they maintain track of all account statements. When students try to contact their lenders, they are met with long wait times and a barrage of questions. This is because the average tenure of a bank manager is just two to three years, while the term of the loan is seven to eight years. Getting the loan with help of professional executives will continue to monitor your account until the last payment is made, so you won't have to worry about this happening.

Rate of interest

Interest on student loans is variable, meaning it can change in response to fluctuations in the market. Private student loans from NBFCs and private banks are particularly prone to this kind of rapid change. Consequently, many students have the problem of unexpectedly high fees. High monthly payments (EMIs) or difficulty refinancing to a lower interest rate are expected outcomes for student borrowers. 

Now that we have seen the common issues students can face during education loan disbursement, let's also look at some of the uncommon ones.

The Choice Between Education or Personal Finance

It is cheaper to take out a student loan to attend a school in India than it would attend a school abroad. Sometimes the total sum of money needed to cover expenses like studying abroad tuition, housing, flights, meals, transportation, medical bills, school supplies, and more can exceed the maximum amount a lender is willing to give. To fund the entire cost of your education while studying abroad, you can either take out multiple loans, you can take out an education loan and later on take out a personal loan in your parents’ name or you can just take out a gold loan from a bank that sanctions an amount of your requirement. 

Universities and Programs Must Be Preapproved Before Acceptance

A major problem with student loans is the possibility that the institution's reputation will be considered when deciding whether or not to grant a borrower funding. Thankfully, the number of institutions acknowledged by lenders is increasing, making it more straightforward for students to secure a student loan regardless of where they choose to attend college. It would help if you verified your school's accreditation with the bank offering you a student loan before submitting your application.

Risky for Lender and Borrower

The high stakes of education financing apply equally to both parties. There is more uncertainty surrounding student loans than any other type of loan because the likelihood of students repaying their loans depends heavily on whether or not they complete the course and find employment. Lenders risk loan default if students do not meet their coursework or secure employment, and students' credit reports will reflect negatively on their failure to do so. However, students' ability to repay their loans is negatively impacted by the high-interest rates typically associated with such non-government loans.

These are just a few of the typical challenges students confront even after receiving the suspension letter. Get in touch with us so the rest of the procedure may be completed without any hitches. Though we hope that you encounter no problems along the way, there is no guarantee that this will be the case. But if you ever do run across such issues, rest assured that we won't let them hold things up. Please get in touch with experts at Elan Loan Services if you are having trouble adjusting to the new interest rate or refinancing your loan. Experts on our team will negotiate for the most favorable terms and costs.


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