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Why Students Seeking International Student Loans have found ÉLAN loans to be an Attractive Option?

The greatest return on investment can be found in money spent on education. Especially if you earn that degree from a prestigious institution, it will boost your professional standing. Unfortunately, however, the expense of attending a reputable university overseas is typically high for international students. 

But students who want to go overseas now have a way to pay for their studies. Many ambitious people's aspirations have come true thanks to the availability of student loans for studying abroad. 

ÉLAN loans are based on the principle that financial constraints should not prevent anyone from obtaining a high-quality education. 

KC Overseas Education's fintech arm, ÉLAN, provides a premier online resource for students seeking financial support for their pursuit of international education. With the help of their 17+ Financial Institutions partners, such as Public & Private Banks, NBFCs, and Foreign Lenders, they have enabled over 20,000 students to fulfil their study abroad ambitions. 

ÉLAN is the best option for Overseas Education financing since it skilfully merges traditional finance with cutting-edge digital tools. Our main mission is to provide financial support to students so that they may travel to the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Ireland, Singapore, Europe, or any other location to get the education of their desire from the University of their choice. 

Now the question arises, why do so many students looking for Education Loan For Higher Studies Abroad, choose ÉLAN Loans?

Well as an answer here is the article that points out the reasons ahead. 

A Variety of Financing Institutions as Partners

When it comes to applying for a loan, everyone has their own preference for the Banking Institution they want to apply for a loan. But at times most students just want to fulfil their dream of studying abroad and don’t really have a preference, thus we offer choices for helping you in acquiring loans with or without collateral, GRE scores, and so on to make that goal a reality. To help students who want to go overseas for higher education, we have partnered with multiple banks to offer them a wide range of loan options.

Giving you an Unbiased Evaluation of your Profile

You'll get an immediate assessment of your qualifications, and then ÉLAN's specialists will recommend a financial institution most suited to your needs based on information about your background and the financial situation of your parents. You will also get recommendations for Narrowing Down Potential Countries and Institutions for Student Loan Purposes. 

Property documents undergo additional analysis, and an objective comparison of lending institutions and interest rates is provided.

Evaluation is done of the profile based on the following different parameters –

1. Standardized Test Scores

2. Parent’s Financial Profile

3. Type of Property

Why Direct Loan? Scholarship Evaluation for your Profile is the Priority

Scholarships are given to those with good academic and further specific requirements as per that specific Scholarship eligibility criteria. A thorough evaluation is done to check your eligibility for scholarships. Further, get Information on the Indian Govt. Scholarships for Higher Studies Abroad as per caste category are also given to the student.

Financial Concerns! Start your overseas education off right with immediate funding help from ÉLAN 

To get the most out of a meeting with a loan counsellor, it is crucial to have as much information as possible about applying for and receiving a loan for international study. There are a few options for obtaining a loan at the outset of your study abroad experience, which we've outlined below.

  • Loan approval is only based on Standardized Test Scores like IELTS, GRE
  • Approximate approval of Loan amount up to 75L based on the student profile.
  • Unbiased Loan options comparison based on Parents’ Financials
  • Several options without considering property as a mortgage.
  • Approval of Funds on the basis of University and Course

A Fintech Company like No Other

When we claim that ÉLAN loans are like no other, we mean that they provide everything a borrower could need in one convenient bundle. The tools we provide on our website are well-received by the students that reach out to us. The website features an EMI calculator, a tool to compare various banks and financial institutions, and much more.

Now, let's take a closer look at the factors that lead students to choose ÉLAN, as well as a few examples of situations in which students had a hard time securing a loan yet ÉLAN still came through for them.

  • Approximate approval of Unsecured Loan amount up to 75L on the basis of the student’s profile and university shortlisted.
  • Loan approval only on the basis of Standardized Test Scores ex. IELTS, GRE
  • Assistance to get 40 lacs of unsecured loans from Nationalized Banks
  • Assistance to get 100% of secured loan from Nationalized Banks
  • Assistance to get 100% of tuition fees, living expenses, books, stationery, laptop etc. through a loan.
  • Get Pre visa loan approval and disbursal
  • Get several discounts on Rate of interest, Prime Listing of banks, ranking of universities and collateral provided.
  • Get loan sanctioned letter before you get admits to a university.
  • Get approval for Loan without considering Parents’ CIBIL issues 
  • With ÉLAN you have Several options without considering property as a mortgage
  • Check Instant eligibility for your secured loan and unsecured loan
  • Get approval for Loan on the basis of a Conditional Offer letter from the University.

And so much more.

ÉLAN also offers Associated Services, such as the currency exchange service EbixCash and Remitx, lodging, and the money transfer service Flywire. 

So, if you are a study abroad aspirant, requiring loan assistance to make your study abroad dream come true, approach ÉLAN Loans.


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